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The Book Of Life Soundtrack Review

bolIt’s mainstream anime time again and this time it’s the sounds of culture south of the border in The Book of Life.

This is largely a song compilation of the soundtrack from various featured artists with film composer Gustavo Santaolalla. Featured vocalists include Diego Luna who features on many tracks; Placcido Domingo, Cheech marin. Abriel Iglesias and Jesse and Joy.

It isn’t all original material however – It seems a bit cheeky for Santaolla to do his take on The Ecstasy of Gold. But if he can do Presley’s Can’t help Falling In Love With You as well, then why not Ennio Morricone as well! Doesn’t get any more hilarious than Do You Think I’m Sexy though which is 20 seconds of pure hilarity!

Santaolla knows how to bring in the crowd pleasers, make the music sound grand, and all too often let it get absurd.

A cheery soundtrack with personality

3 Stars




Steven Hurst

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