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Chuck Steel In Raging Balls Of Steel Juctice

csAvailible now on DVD and VOD: Raging Balls of Steel Justice previewed at the London Frightfest in 2013. 15 glorious minutes of high octane claymation action. It was only a matter of time before we got the “Cop on the edge/ ultraviolent action set piece” claymation short and Chuck Steel gives us just that.

It’s essentially the one action set-piece. Chuck has to rescue a hostage from a warehouse full of armed convicts. Armed with a giant hand cannon, a bad attitude, and a robotic partner (Who has an odd sex obsession that gets in the way of his job) in Steele goes and then the action is afoot 80’s style!

It’s a fairly one note joke played well. If anything Chuck Steel is a finger in the face of the likes of The Expendables that promised retro-violence but instead wimped out. Here it literally goes balls out.

There are plenty of references and familiarity with 80’s action that will have fans howling at the screen. From the dodgy robotic sidekick to the angry black police captain (whose name is Jack Schitt). It seems no stone is left unturned.

Towards the end it perhaps gets a little bit too silly and needed some restraint, thanks to the inclusion of a toxic spill – but calling this short film over the top is kind of a moot point.

News that a feature film is now in the works is an interesting prospect to see if the character can indeed be expanded to feature film length. It will be a mission in itself to balance a script that doesn’t hammer its own jokes into the ground, or get lost in mawkish drama between the action. Either way based on this first short venture it will be a feature at least worth checking out!

Keep your eyes peeled on www.chucksteelthemovie.com for the upcoming 2017 release.

4 Stars




Steven Hurst

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