Premiere: Mumiy Troll - Vitamins

Premiere: Mumiy Troll – Vitamins

All the way from Vladivostok, Russia, Mumiy Troll are a band of exceptional pedigree in their homeland and their uniquely Soviet sound is now making it’s way cross-country and transatlantic to Western ears, to an impressively open reception.

Today, we’re very pleased to be premiering a brand new track called ‘Vitamins’ which you can listen to below.

Influenced by the popular music of the Western Hemisphere during the Cold War, Mumiy Troll showcase a melting pot of genres and have some colourful back stories – for example, front man Ilya Lagutenko has a degree in Mandarin and Chinese economy, and did a short stint in the Soviet Air Navy during the 90s. Not your average bear. So, how does one go about starting a band behind the Iron Curtain?

“I didn’t follow any particular style. Anything you got your hands on was exciting, because it was forbidden fruit” says Lagutenko “In the early years, I toured with a Soviet choir singing songs about Lenin.”

Naturally. Check out ‘Vitamins’ here and let us know what you think of the Russian rockers:

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