Corbu Release Stunning Promise Me Video

Corbu Release Stunning Promise Me Video

Brooklyn 5-piece Corbu released their new single ‘Promise Me’ this week on 3beat Records and now you can check out the visually stunning video for their haunting, pulsating track. And by visually stunning we mean “like smoking half the weed in California then going for a jog in a forest.”

The concept for the video was written by Corbu themselves, based on the poem “The Tibetan Book of the Dead for Reading Aloud” by Jean-Claude van Itallie, and the video was made in close collaboration between Robert Crispe and Jonathan Graves, who emailed visual ideas back and forth daily.

We’ve been holding off this lot because Zane Lowe, all the kings horses and damn near all the kings men have dropped their plums over the quintet so far – let’s face it, nobody likes an empty hype band – but we’re pleased to report that this is indeed delicious.

Also, can somebody get me some doughnuts, some spicy hot wings, a can of Pepsi and some slippers? I think this joint has gone out.

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