The Gospel Youth - Kids
Album Review

The Gospel Youth – Kids

Exploding into my inbox and finding a soft spot in my heart to nestle in, Brighton trio The Gospel Youth have stolen my soul a little bit with their debut EP ‘Kids’. As a pop-punk fan, it’s easy to be drawn into their beautiful melodies, catchy hooks and brilliantly uplifting choruses and by the end of their first offering, I’m disappointed that there aren’t more than three tracks.

The band is made up of ex-members of The Auteur and Fleeing From Finales, and in their new incarnation are definitely something special. Vocalist Sam Little has an undeniable musical chemistry with his fellow bandmates Julien Bowen and Steve Drury, and their trio of songs are catchy as hell. Title track ‘Kids’ is a belter of a tune, and the kind of song that instantly finds a home in your head.

Fans of Fall Out Boy will find a vocal quirkiness here, not unlike that of Patrick Stump; fans of Deaf Havana will find a startling honesty to rival that of James Veck-Gilodi and fans of The Gaslight Anthem will find an intriguing lyrical talent as unique as Brian Fallon’s. With tour dates and a full-length on the horizon, I’m sure that I’m not the only one waiting eagerly in anticipation for more from The Gospel Youth.

– Iqra Choudhry

Venue: Kids
Support Band: Self Release

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