10 Albums That Rocked 2014

10 Albums That Rocked 2014

2014 has been a top year for alternative music – from the return of former members of My Chemical Romance to a revival of the pop punk scene, both in underground and mainstream circles, it’s been a good’un. As a massive pop-punk/metal/rock/hardcore/prog fan, our resident rock writer Iqra Choudhry has been a happy little thing all year round, mainly because the releases we’ve seen this year have been absolutely top-notch too. Here (in no particular order) are her top ten albums that rocked 2014.

1) Let The Ocean Take Me – The Amity Affliction
The Australian metalcore mob followed up their solid 3rd album with a record that is heart-wrenchingly melodic and beautiful, whilst still being brutal enough at times to make you feel as though your ears are being assaulted.

2) Rooms of The House – La Dispute
The Michigan four-piece have built on the intensity of previous releases by adding a new layer of raw vulnerability – songs like ‘Objects in Space’ are enough to make you forget to breathe.

3) Clear EP – Periphery
After a slightly disappointing sophomore record, it was awesome to see the djentlemen back on form with an EP that allowed each member to showcase their individually awesome song writing skills.

4) 5 Seconds of Summer – 5 Seconds of Summer
Taking the mainstream by storm, 5SOS have a sound that is perfect for long summer nights, parties and as a gateway band for younger siblings who don’t understand how amazing pop-punk can be.

5) Royal Blood – Royal Blood
The duo blew me away at Download, just months before their debut rocketed to the top of the charts – their sludgy rock is well worthy of all their hype, and their live show is just as worthy of praise.

6) The Day’s War – Lonely The Brave
Lonely The Brave sound like nothing and no-one else. Their doom-pop-rock debut full-length is guaranteed to smack you in the feels. Evocative and brilliant, and lyrically stunning, this is an instant classic.

7) Dear Youth – The Ghost Inside
There aren’t enough synonyms for ‘amazing’ in the world to describe this record. Mosh to it. Play it loud enough to drown the world out. Scream at the top of your lungs to it – it’s one for the history books.

8) Lost Forever\Lost Together – Architects
After ‘Daybreaker’, no one thought that Architects could come out with a record that rivalled ‘Hollow Crown’; their latest release is proof that they’re capable of taking the world by storm and taking your breath away.

9) The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets – Marmozets
Pressured to deliver on their debut LP, Marmozets haven’t just met the hype – they’ve exceeded it. Their record is all killer – each track is more than enough to cement their place in the alternative scene.

10) Cavalier Youth – You Me At Six
You Me At Six topped the charts, beating Beyoncé and Ellie Goulding to it. Their fourth LP is a brilliant mix of mainstream and alternative, with songs to please just about anybody with a decent taste in music.

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