Chastity Brown To Play Manchester
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Chastity Brown To Play Manchester

Glasswerk is proud to present Chastity Brown, a rising Country-Soul star who was recently featured on Jools Holland alongside Future Islands and Jamie T! You can catch Chastity on the 18th Jan at Ruby Lounge, Manchester

She’ll put a spell on you. Sweet as molasses and woodsmoke, clear and burning as summer sun, Chastity Brown casts magic. Her voice brings you to the crossroads with every turn, warms, comforts and challenges you. She is the inheritor of Leadbelly, Nina Simone, Bonnie Raitt and Roberta Flack. She is past, present and future. She is fire, earth, air and water. She’s a natural.

Throw all the genres and hyphenates together you want to describe her – gospel, roots & soul, jazz, blues & country – they are all right, and also not enough. Chastity channels songs that are borne deep in the American bone, the hunger, desperation and confidence that runs through our times. Coming from Tennessee to Minnesota, touring the country, she has had half her own lifetime and million lifetimes gone before to concoct her powerful sound. Ignite it all with love, and the rest is rapture.

With her fourth full-length record, Back-Road Highways, Chastity pushes her own natural talent even farther, to stunning effect. Back-Road Highways was recorded at the venerable Helsinki South studios in Nashville, Tennessee with the support of her new label C & D Music Network, giving Chastity a return to Southern warmth and a roster of heavyweight studio musicians with credits such as Mavis Staples, Garth Brooks and BeBe & CeCe Winans to lay down tracks. Also on Back-Road Highways is guitarist Robert Mulrennan of No Bird Sing, who plays with Chastity in her live band. Chastity pulls from a diverse cross-section of talent for her live shows, playing with percussionist Michael X, keyboardist deVon Gray (Heiruspecs) and bass player Jef Sundquist (Hildur Victoria), resulting in restless, electrifying and completely enveloping performances that never want to stop and linger long after the last note has quieted.

Back-Road Highways is the best yet from Chastity. She opens with the slow, pulsing insistence of “House Been Burnin”, a cry out for our needs, then follows it up with the rocking blues of “When We Get There” and the plaintive, moving roots of “Solely”. Chastity turns it all around and brings out the joys and sorrows of love with the enormous, pleading, “Say It”, and throughout Back-Road Highways, Chastity sings it all out, gives us all a reason to keep on going one more day.

A talent like this doesn’t appear overnight. It takes travel, it takes guts. It takes chance, work and luck. It takes love. Get ready to love Chastity Brown.

I would have called Back Road Highways the finest debut album of recent times but it’s album number four! Her songs hang in your head long after they have finished. Chastity mixes Southern soul, Nashville roots and ‘crazy hair’ to exhilarating effect”- Sunday Times

“I am under the impression that she’s only scratching the surface of what she’s capable of and what she is on her way to achieve. There are singers, there are songwriters and there are musicians – Chastity Brown is an artist” Blues & Soul Magazine

A heady mix of Dusty, Adele, Lucinda, Nina and even a smidgen of a young Emmylou and the terms smouldering, smoky and sexy will be used ad-infinitum. Stunningly beautiful.” – 5* Maverick

Brown has produced the soul album of the year.” – Penny Black Music

“I honestly think she is one of the best performers I have ever seen here at The Green Note (and within the top 5-10 of any performers I’ve seen anywhere!!!), and having music here pretty much 7 nights/week, I’ve seen a lot of performers… she was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!! Amazing songs, musicianship, charisma, stage presence… I could go on and onRisa – The Green Note, London promoter

Raw gospel-bred folk blues from this excellent Minnesota songwriter” – Daily Mirror

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