Free Download: Bareto

Free Download: Bareto

Understandably, this one won’t be for everyone, but for those with an open mind we’ve got an early Christmas present for you in the form of this free download titled ‘La Voz Del Sichi’ from Bareto.

Accompanied by a video heavily inspired by the spiritual Peruvian plant Ayahuasca and Peru’s Amazon jungle, this trippy drug-induced sway comes at a time when the world’s environmental future is debated in Peru at COP20, the UN climate change conference.

This track acts as a teaser from their latest studio album scheduled for release in 2015 and continues Bareto’s explorations of psychedelia and Peruvian cumbia inspired by the the early experiments of the original Amazonian junglists, Juaneco y su Combo.

Grab the track for free here:

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