Fresh Chops: Esmé Patterson

Fresh Chops: Esmé Patterson

Fresh Chops today from Denver’s Esmé Patterson, Xtra Mile Recordings’ new signing who’s sharing this new track from her upcoming album ‘Woman To Woman’ released 2nd February in the UK.

Written entirely from the perspective of women immortalised in famous songs, the record finds Patterson variously embodying iconic characters including Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ & Elvis Costello’s ‘Alison’, and – on this new offering – Michael Jackson’s spurned lover from ‘Billie Jean’.

Brittle and tender, hard-edged and sexual, Patterson’s unique vocal is punctuated by squeals and yelps that add a character unlike any other we’ve heard – all at once she strikes with equal ferocity into the fires of carnal seduction and the languid pools of post-coital bliss.

Speaking about the track Esmé says: “Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean has always really bothered me. It’s this slick pop hit by an artist that people worship, in which he literally says ‘the kid is not my son’, even though he admits ‘his eyes were like mine’, and he admits he followed her to her room, tacitly confirming they slept together. And I was wondering how this woman would feel, how angry and abandoned.”

Pre-order the album now and receive both ‘What Do You Call A Woman?’ and ‘The Glow’ as instant grats.

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