Track of the Day: September Girls - Black Oil

Track of the Day: September Girls – Black Oil

Do you like The Cramps? Do you think you would still like The Cramps if they had overdosed on Valium and were jamming with The Black Angels? Then you’re really going to like September Girls.

Check out their frankly bizarre new video for the witchcraft-laden ‘Black Oil’ below, taken from their latest EP Veneer (out now on Fortuna POP!/Kanine).

Dark, spattering drums and staccato guitars break into a Middle Eastern inspired melody that erupts into a climactic crescendo of swirling distortion and dissonance, emerging from a jam session with drummer Sarah Grimes.

“The imagery in the lyrics came from a couple of places, the first being a dream I had, the second being some crazy stuff I had written down on Christmas night last after a few drinks” says bassist Paula Cullen “The meaning of the lyrics “if I could swim, I’d be dead by now” is about acceptance of ones own limitations and the realisation that perhaps sometimes your perceived shortcomings can be the thing that saves you.”

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