LEGO Ghostbusters: Ecto-1 21108-1 Review


Ghostbusters: Ecto-1

Pieces: 508

Ages: 10+

Mini Figures: 4

  • Dr Egon Spengler
  • Dr Peter Venkman
  • Dr Raymond Stanz
  • Winston Zeddmore


Price: £44.99

What’s inside

Various unnumbered bags of LEGO pieces

Instruction booklet


Ghostbusters!  What do you mean you have never heard of Ghostbusters. You are excused!

Those of you still here – that’s right – LEGO have officially released a Ghostbusters set based on the 1984 comedy classic. This marks the 30 year anniversary of the movie and what better way than to include all four of our heroes and their custom built vehicle – the Ecto-1!



The multiple bags of pieces if perhaps the most confusing thing here as you always require several bags open at a time to find the next piece you need. Even the mini-figures are split up into different bags.

This is either going to be frustrating for those who need to find that next piece in a logical next place, or will add to the fun for those who like to find it.

You start with the figures of course, their proton packs (Which are an ingenious design) and a stand that the four of them are placed on for display. It’s great fun, and more complicated than merely slamming legs, torsos and wigs together.

The Ecto-1 is the most complicated build. You begin with pieces that are not going to do much for the ghostbuster fan in you as you start at the heart of the car. But as you build out the way it soon starts to take shape and joy will leap into your heart the moment those white outer-shell pieces come together.

The part of the build that is the most fun though has to be the roof of the car once you have the wheels on the main body. The roof is littered with such intricate detail that each and every piece is a thrill to add to. And once it goes on top the car you are done! All in all a good hour plus of building.

Finished product

As already said – the mini-figures come with their own display. It’s a nice mount with a ghostbuster logo in the middle for effect. Each of the guys has their own design torso piece with their names and initials on them as well, not to mention specifically designed wig pieces.

The proto-packs are a fun design and snap onto their backs ready for use. There is also simple design for the Ghostbuster trap as well. Ad there are a couple of walkie-talkie one pieces for anyone wanting to relive the “Come…in…Ray” moment from the film.

The car is a thing a beauty however. The interior is usable for the figures to place with some detail, but the exterior is something else. This is likely to be a more popular set when it comes to breaking it down and rebuilding it over again. This is the under £50 design – if it is popular enough we might expect something a little bigger next time round. If not, then this design is sure to keep any fan happy.

So is there anything missing? YES!

There are no ghosts!  The set is great value for what you get. Even the piece to pence ratio is pretty good for once. But seriously? No Ghosts? Even a one piece Slimer would have been a great addition to the set.

Of course this is a minor complaint. This set still pretty much gets top marks and is an example for designers to follow for future sets to come! Who you gonna call?

Steven Hurst



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