The Dodos Reveal New Track 'Retriever'

The Dodos Reveal New Track ‘Retriever’

This insistent and pounding new offering from The Dodos is full of the joys of…nearly spring? Either way, ‘Retriever’ is a doozy.

With a month until their new record drops, the San Francisco duo’s sixth album, ‘Individ’ will be released in the UK on February 10th via Morr Music.

Mathy, racing guitars interlace over a raging percussive backdrop as front man Meric Long’s assured & distinctive vocals soar above it all, making for an impressive first look at their new material.

“The songs came together easily, there was not a lot questioning, just moving ahead with the feeling that we were on the right track. We were freed up to do whatever came naturally,” says Long of the new record.

Listen to ‘Retriever’

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