Introducing: Myles Manley

Introducing: Myles Manley

Sligo songwriter Myles Manley is a self-styled exponent of what he calls “odd pop” and his new track ‘Pay Me What I’m Worth’ is probably the best starting point for understanding exactly what that sound entails.

Following a DIY release, “Greatest Hits”, a couple of years back from the Irish press and spending time in New York playing shows amongst the anti-folk scene, Myles has now become part of the brooding Dublin scene signing to Trout Records.

The single is a curious mixture of lo-fi alt-folk and distorted, psychedelic 60’s pop that reels and lurches along underneath Manley’s heavily accented and utterly charming drawl. It’s a bit like stepping through the looking glass – something we all need to do every now and again to shake up those ingrained perceptions.

Check it out here:

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