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Exodus: Gods and Kings Soundtrack Review

exodusAlberto Iglesias come on board for this latest Ridley Scott epic – and it’s nice to see some good being delivered marking Iglesias as a fine choice for the subject matter.

They have gone as all out as they can to support the entire “epic” scope of the film. Heavy percussion, deep choral vocal work, sawing strings, and bellowing horns are all wheeled out to deliver the appropriate scope for the sound behind Scott’s film. It’s all here in exhaustive glory.

And Exhaustive is the key work. At 28 tracks long some listeners may find it a bit much. But then we are talking a 2 and a half hour movie that has a lot of plot to cover and a wide variety of beats to play under it all. Many of the cues here though range between 2 and 3 minutes so they are fairly succinct.

The sound they have gone for is one perhaps a little familiar to the telling of a story set in Egypt as we have come to understand such music from a Hollywood movie. Not particularly original, but definitely playing it safe as much of the film does in its retelling of this epic saga.

This is a huge step up from what we have been forced to listen to lately in Ridley Scott movies – Prometheus in particular being a massive let down on the music front (never mind the rest of that film). So a change up to composer Inglesias gets the thumbs up.

It may have been an unnecessary movie, but it covered its bases well.

3 Stars



Steven Hurst

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