Marina Celeste Of French Collective: Nouvelle Vague
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Marina Celeste Of French Collective: Nouvelle Vague

Glasswerk is proud to present the beautiful Marina Celeste, one of the lead vocalists from the French electro-pop collective ‘Nouvelle Vague’ you can catch Marina in the Surya, London on the 28th May

Melting Vinyl is extremely excited to welcome to the Komedia: Marina Celeste from Nouvelle Vague!

Marina is one of the lead vocalists with French musical collective Nouvelle Vague, who are known for their bossa-nova interpretations of punk-rock, post-punk and new-wave songs. Her own contributions have included a duet with The Specials’ Terry Hall on a cover of Our Lips Are Sealed.

However, Marina Celeste away from her Nouvelle Vague roots is a whole new experience! Her shows with her touring band flit from original material to a selection of Nouvelle Vague classics such as Fade to Grey, O Pamela, Waves, Eisbear, A Forest and Sorry For Laughing. Described as an album of “beautifully crafted pop and electro”, The Angel Pop is hailed as stylishly, undeniably French and in places reminiscent of Ennio Morricone’s cinematic soundscapes.

With her classic beauty and a confidence that builds at alarming rates as the hour-long set goes on, it’s very hard not to be transfixed by her.” – Gutter Magazine.

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