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Thief Blu-ray Review

thiefMichael Mann is getting a bit of a critical whipping at the moment for his latest techno thriller Blackhat – it’s a relief then that his debut movie is being released on Blu-ray.

If ever there is an argument that Mann was on fine form his debut is a good example – especially from a cinematic point of view. Thief is simply stunning to look at – and thanks to Arrow – we also now have a solid picture restoration for it as well.

Frank (James Caan) is at the top of his game working as a jewel thief whilst running a couple of business he uses as fronts for his work. Frank is looking to crescendo his life’s work and retire soon as he has just about all the money he needs and the right girl (Tuesday Weld) to share it all with.

Complications as always start to ensue when he crosses paths with the wrong types and Frank’s world slowly starts to spiral out of control as he really starts to learn that there is no honour among thieves.

The picture and sound quality on the film is nothing short of superb – and the film has aged really well. The look of the streets is captured in a way that puts mans latest digital work to shame. Thief looks cinematic, with the city lights perfectly reflect off the wet streets of Chicago and the glass surfaces of buildings and cars.

Caan is solid as ever in the lead role and Thief also marks an early producer credit for Jerry Brukheimer.

Extras wise there is a mix of old and new material including a Commentary with Mann, and hour examination of the film with Critic F X Feeney There is an episode of a French television show that is devoted to James Caan (this was made around the time of Thief’s release), but there is also an new interview with the actor more recently. It’s fascinating to see these two previous items as the actor is naturally 30 years on in life.

There is also an hour retrospective made back in 2001 that looks back at Michael Mann’s filmography.

A solid package and another notch on Arrow Video’s proud belt.

4 Stars




Steven Hurst

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