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Shaun The Sheep Movie


Having become popular from the original Wallace and Gromitt short, and then been part of his own TV show – Shaun the Sheep now gets a shot at the big time.

Tired of the daily routine, and looking for a way to take the day off – Shaun and his woollen pack of comrades set about sending their farmer back to the land of Z’s by literally counting sheep. But sadly their plan gets out of control and before they know it they are farmerless thanks to a bang on the head and a loss of memory.

The gang then have to head into town to retrieve their farmer, his memory and escape the clutches of the Animal rescue.

Shaun the Sheep then stays very true to Aardman’s style of animation but more importantly it stays true to the sensibilities of the story telling and comedy mechanics within the script. It’s fun, inventive and rips along at a de cent pace. It doesn’t do much beyond that – but it’s certainly going to entertain audiences of all ages.

3 Stars




Steven Hurst

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