Watch: Steel Trees - Radiation Man

Watch: Steel Trees – Radiation Man

South Yorkshire trio STEEL TREES are back with a new video for ‘Radiation Man’ today – you can check it out below.

A nightmarish, weed-fueled re-imagining of a recording session gone off the rails, this trippy offering is the perfect representation of a band who aren’t afraid to show a bit of personality – complete with a dominatrix, enormous radioactive joints and a bizarrely clad superhero who’s dangerously close to a public exposure lawsuit.

“We’re all from ex-pit villages in the Dearne Valley area of Rotherham, South Yorkshire” says front man Tom Hannon “Its affected our music yeah, but in a good way – because we want to get the f*ck out of here. No-one digs original music – it’s all about cover bands around here, so when you mention you’re in a band, the first question asked is “What Oasis or Arctic Monkeys songs do you do?” As soon as you tell them you’re in a band doing your own material, they freak out and their heads can’t handle it.”

Watch the video here:

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