Teenage Bottlerocket Taking Over The Ruby Lounge In August
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Teenage Bottlerocket Taking Over The Ruby Lounge In August

Glasswerk is proud to present hardcore 90’s pop punkers! Teenage Bottlerocket! Signed to Fat Wreck Records TNB have made quiet a splash in the 90’s punk scene over recent years presenting themselves as a fresh talented face to a sound almost 25 years old and still rocking! You can catch Teenage Bottlerocket on the 11th August at Ruby Lounge Manchester

You probably know this much already: Teenage Bottlerocket (or simply “TBR” to their fans) is currently one of the hottest bands in punk rock and their new record, They Came From The Shadows, is highly-anticipated. But before we go any further you should probably know that they’re from Wyoming.

Crazy, huh? Although more famous for its frontier forts and characters like Butch Cassidy, the “Front Range” (as it’s known to the locals) may very well be the unlikely home to the next great punk rock band. At least that’s what the kids are sayin’. But don’t take our word for it, even Alternative Press featured them as a “Band You Need To Know in 2009”… and they don’t even have those Jennifer Aniston haircuts!

Their beginnings are as humble as they come. Three friends (two of them being identical twin brothers) wanted to start a fresh, no-bullshit punk band that defied—if not openly mocked—the corny emo groups that were pervading malls, mainstream, and MySpace.

They took the spirit of Midwest bands like Alkaline Trio and Dillinger Four and added the earnest sensibilities of the Ramones. It made for such an undeniably likable combination that other bands were asking themselves, “Why didn’t we think of that?” Not long after their forming, they doubled their number of vocalists and were joined by Kody, a fellow Wyoman and frontman of the beloved Lillingtons. With a solidified four-piece lineup they did a bunch of touring and two studio full lengths with Chicago label, Red Scare Industries. At this point things were happening fast for the young punks from the Cowboy State, and after playing shows with bands like the Queers, NOFX, The Falcon, and Dead To Me, they
were snatched up by Fat Wreck Chords. And that’s where Teenage Bottlerocket is today.

Oh, if you must know the truth, the band takes it’s name from an old spray-painted jalopy that used to cruise the streets of their hometown. Much of the time spent in those early days revolved around goofing off and carefree skateboarding, and that fun spirit is still reflected in their music today. It’s only fitting then that the first song on their breakout record would be the hilarious and punchy “Skate or Die”; a snappy tune that gleefully references the Bones Brigade and JFA. This and the other songs that make up

They Came From The Shadows are classic Bottlerocket, with an emphasis on fun times and hooky melodies. To further insure the album’s potential, this sucker was produced at Blasting Room Studios (Rise Against, Descendents, Lemonheads, etc), so you know it sounds huge and rockin’.

What will surely follow the release of their Fat Wreck debut is a bevy of touring. They’ve been to Europe multiple times, so you know they’ll be back in short order; and already booked is their first tour of Japan. Also lined up is a 2-month tour of North America this Fall with Reno’s Cobra Skulls playing support. That massive odyssey will take them all over the land and have them playing shows with The Lawrence Arms and Dead
Milkmen. When Teenage Bottlerocket mobilizes their band, they go all out and truly bring it. Such is their approach to songwriting, live shows, recording, and even partying on tour.

Few things are more exciting than a young band with a great new record on a new label. Their booming, seemingly-sudden popularity is reminiscent of bands like Against Me! and Gaslight Anthem, so who knows what to expect next from these upstarts. If their unhinged live show is any indication, it won’t be for lack of trying. So stay tuned and expect nothing but continued success from these punk rock bandits. They’re certain to make Wyoming proud.

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