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249 Big Game

When Air Force One is hijacked by terrorists mid-flight the US President (Samuel L. Jackson) ejects from the aircraft in an escape pod and is plunged deep into the Finnish wilderness. Completely alone the President’s only hope is a 13 year old local boy, Oskari, who has been sent into the forest to hunt in a traditional rite of passage.

Pursued by the terrorists, intent on finishing the job they started, Oskari must now put into practice lessons learned about the forests from his tribal elders and the President must reconnect with the man he once was in order to survive.

As Pentagon officials watch helplessly via satellite feed whilst the action unfolds thousands of miles away, it is up to the President and his new sidekick to keep themselves alive for the next 24 hours. The game is on.



To mark to release of BIG GAME we have a goody-bag competition to run with sets to give away for three lucky winners.

To be in with a chance just have a look at this question:

In what film did Samuel L Jackson team up with Gena Davis?

A) The Long good Friday

B) The Long Kiss Goodnight

C) The Last Boy Scout

Send your answer along with your postal address to

This competition closes on Monday 18th may

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