Finch - Koko
Live Review

Finch – Koko, London

Koko may not have been full to bursting but the mass of Finch fans assembled there were excitable, loud and ready to go. From the second the band took to the stage and played the first few bars of New Beginnings they were loving every beat.

Nate Barcalow may not be the chattiest front man but on the occasional times he did chose to address the crowd they hung off his every word. This was possibly the nicest and most attentive crowd I’ve ever seen at a rock show in my life. They were respectful of the band, to one another in the mosh pit and to those on the edges that didn’t want to expend quite as much energy throwing themselves across the room to every single one of the sixteen song set.

Having passed the anniversary celebration of What It Is To Burn I’m sure the band were keen to play some of the other songs in their arsenal. However, at least half of their set was comprised of songs from their huge debut album. There were a number of fair weather fans dotted around the room who only perked up when Letters To You or What It Is To burn were played but on the whole they were clamouring for more, especially after the handful of tunes they played off their new album, Back To Oblivion.

Finch are back on top form and I for one am very excited about this.

Venue: Koko, London
Support Band: Only Rivals

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