Video Premiere: Rosenthal - A Dream

Video Premiere: Rosenthal – A Dream

Danish musician Rosenthal is back with the release of new track ‘A Dream’ – produced by Magnus Vad and released on 6th November via AfterImages – and we’re very pleased to be premiering the video on Glasswerk today.

Bringing a mellow wash of industrial futurism to a blissed-out brand of lo-fi alt-folk with a twist of psychedelia, this beautiful new offering paints an organic and completely captivating picture of a Utopian alternate reality.

The video, directed by Knock Knock, illuminates the more uplifting of Rosenthal’s shoegaze sound. With emphasis on the tones and textures of the track with landscapes, overlays and liquid patterns, painting textures of the natural world and building on the atmospheric and dreamlike quality of the music.

Watch the video here:

You can hear more from Rosenthal here.

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