Kyan - Remote View
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Kyan – Remote View

Cambridge born producer/songwriter Kyan, unveiled his latest EP Remote View, which serves as the follow up to The Purple Experiment, Day’s In A Triangle and the independently released Confessions. Having previously collaborated with the likes of Duke Dumont, Madeon, Bondax and Benga, Kyan takes center stage in a confident and thoroughly captivating release, showcasing not only his breathtaking vocal ability, but his confident and assured skills as a songwriter and innovative producer.

Opening the 5-track EP is lead single Sometimes; a real standout track that immediately makes you sit up and listen intently. Kyan showcases his powerful, soulful vocals, gliding effortlessly across the delicate piano accompaniment. For such a young artist, Kyan brings a level of maturity and honesty to his lyrics, drawing us in with each heartbreaking note, while the melodic nature instills perfect momentum. Wire On The Fences is a ‘no holds barred’ type of track. Produced by Knox Brown, (Beyonce, Jay Z and Mary J Blige) it has an extremely authentic feel to it, opening with some smooth piano, mixed with some edgy hip-hop beats and slick production from start to finish. The breakdown towards the end, allows Kyan’s vocals to soar, while the bold string accompaniment elevates the track with such euphoria.

While Remote View provides plenty of light and shade overall, Grammar delivers some serious weight with it’s sassy horn interjections and Kyan’s chant-style vocal hook telling us to ‘Feel our way through conversation’. Once again, Kyan offers up a sense of maturity with his insightful and powerful lyrics. Grammar highlights a darker edge to the EP, but one that works in such harmony with Kyan’s eclectic talents. A recurring theme throughout the EP is Kyan’s openness, as heard in Rather Be With You, which deals with the universally relatable subject matter of lost love. With slick production and effective percussion, Kyan’s vocals are on point, delivering with such honesty and emotion. Drive closes out the EP with more of a quirky, electronic vibe. The production is striking and intricate, with stirring synths, defined ominous beats, and Kyan’s commanding vocals taking center stage.

There’s such diversity throughout Remote View from his electronic flourishes, raw and emotive vocals, slick production and an edge that places Kyan a cut above the rest. Remote View is thoroughly captivating and leaves us wanting more. Thankfully, we can expect a debut album release in 2016.

– Roisin Deady

Venue: Remote View
Support Band: Virgin EMI

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