In Our Own Words: Len Sander

In Our Own Words: Len Sander

Zurich space pop exponents Len Sander release their new record ‘Saltlick’ on 20th May via Mouthwatering Records, so we caught up with front woman Blanka Inauen so she could tell us, in her own words, what drives their unique and thrilling blend of genres:

“For me, the whole EP is about leaving the “Phantom Garden”, which was the title of our debut album. Musically, we definitely wanted to try out new things; we wanted to find out if we were able to produce tracks that were more oriented towards a classical pop structure, because we didn’t care so much about structure when producing our debut. But also personally (and that is something that of course materializes in the lyrics of the four tracks) the EP is about changes and departures.”

Because You Know I Love You
“I would say that it is in the song ‘(Is it) Because You Know I Love You’ where we tried out the most new sounds, whilst the lyrics are still about the issues that were relevant for the “Phantom Garden” album.

“Saltlick” tells the story of someone who doesn’t even want to love, or even feel anything. It’s about the desire for independence and freedom but also the realisation that freedom equals loneliness and that as humans, we must be dependent and go through all different sorts of emotions in order to be alive.”

Another Man
“Another Man”, of course, is about falling in love with another man and about how new found love releases new energies. For me it’s definitely the most optimistic and energetic track. It has a positivity that I would say is really new to our music and that’s why it was really fun to produce this track.”

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