Masked Intruder - Love And Other Crimes
Album Review

Masked Intruder – Love And Other Crimes

Masked Intruder are back with their latest offering of Love and Other Crimes following up their 2014 release, M.I.. The six track EP gives fans exactly what they have been waiting for – a heartfelt, melodic piece of work, with the theme of love most definitely echoing throughout the record.

‘Take What I Want’ features as the first track; an instant hit with catchy lyrics and great melodies. This is a radio friendly track that could even be played to your mum and dad without them pulling a face at you. Well, maybe.

Next up, ‘First Star Tonight’ is crammed with guitar solos galore which liven up the EP a treat. The vocals are very soft and light, not something common with similar artists to Masked Intruder, and this particular song really pulls on the heartstrings. It could easily be mistaken for a love song by kings of pop-punk New Found Glory.

‘Still Always on My Mind’ is a slightly slower song, which works completely in its position on this fast-paced EP. Guitar solos allow this song to continue to fit in with pop-punk, although this track is verging on the polished pop stylings of McFly.

Last but not least, ‘If Only’ is the final song on Love and Other Crimes, which is a tuneful finale. The lyrics have a wonderful way of sounding more like a letter than a song, which is something extremely rare in pop-punk. This track features some warm-toned backing vocals which feature throughout but are much more prominent throughout.

As a six track EP, Love and Other Crimes works extremely well, although at times songs seemed slightly repetitive so it’s probably best that this was an EP and not a full length album. Through the mist of riffs and drum rolls, this EP is really quite emotional. The lyrics in each song are relatable in all sorts of ways. Masked Intruder have created a well-produced, melodic EP, almost teasing fans into what they have hidden under their masks next.

– Vicky Handley

Venue: Love And Other Crimes
Support Band: Pure Noise Records

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