Former Razorlight & Dogs members release 'This Is A Low'

Former Razorlight & Dogs members release ‘This Is A Low’

Apeman Spaceman are the product of explosions and dark matter, formed in Spring 2015. They are Johnny Cooke on vocals/guitar, Rikki Mehta on guitar (both founder members of noughties post-punk band – Dogs), Carl Dalemo on bass (an original member of Razorlight) and Ethan Kennedy on drums and art.

So, ‘Apeman Spaceman?’

Inspired by a Brian Cox TV show “it’s about man’s evolutionary journey from the savannahs up into space. And it’s about the ape and man in all of us, constantly scrapping for attention”, says Johnny. “And it looks good on the bass drum”.

Their songs range from brutal reflections of modern society to stories of sex, drugs and lost loves. Sleazy, manic, confrontational, romantic, they are both informed by and a reaction to the f***** up times we live in. So far they’ve put out a load of early demos on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, released an eponymous EP on their own label – ‘Bin Party records’, made a brilliantly bizarre video for second single ‘Have Not Love’ with film director Ben Charles Edwards and Sadie Frost, and are now set to release their new single – ‘This is a Low’ with live dates in the UK.

“This is a Low” is the new single by APEMAN SPACEMAN and was mixed by Alex Newport (At the Drive In, Bloc Party) who has taken a shine to the band from his mixing desk in LA, ‘This is a Low’ is due out on November 4th on D.I.Y imprint ‘Bin Party Records’ with accompanying tour dates.

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