various - It Is Something To Have Been
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various – It Is Something To Have Been

This split EP from Glasgow based independent label Olive Grove Records features tracks from four Scottish artists. As well as being a sampler for the wide range of talent on the label the release also honours label founder Lloyd Meredith’s father who died suddenly a year ago. Peter was always a strong support of his son’s work in the music business and the EP will be released on what would have been his 66th birthday.

The four tracks on the EP are all recordings that didn’t quite find homes on the artists’ previous releases. The quality of the music certainly vindicates the decision to bring them together here, as well as perhaps prompting listeners to check out more form those involved.

Glasgow alternative folk singer Jo Mango is up first with the delicate acoustic track Wisps Of Something. The slow track is minimalist and upbeat, a strong vocal soaring over the backing in real style. The State Broadcasters follow with I Am This, a piano led track that fits a great deal into five minutes of music. Smooth vocals give this one a warm and comforting feel.

Mississippi from The Son(s) is a lovely bluesy slice of Americana, with occasional guitar flourishes adding colour to an emotional song that starts slowly before bursting into life with some big harmonies. Hole in The Heart by highland collective Call To Mind finishes things off very nicely with a well crafted song that features emotional vocals and an atmospheric sound that has psychedelic echoes of Pink Floyd.

This is clearly a very personal release, as well as being a good collection of songs from four talented artists. Olive Grove Records is building a very nice roster of Scottish talent and this EP introduces several of them. And it’s available on a 12 inch in green vinyl too.

Venue: It Is Something To Have Been
Support Band: Olive Grove Records

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