Introducing: The Dunwells

Introducing: The Dunwells

There may only be two members with the same surname, but The Dunwells are very much a band of brothers.

Consisting of two siblings and two close school friends, the hardworking quartet from Leeds have released their widely anticipated new single ‘It’s OK This Time’ just before they head on their huge end of year tour in early December.

“‘It’s OK This Time’ is about the anxiety I’ve been going through lately and how it takes hold of me sometimes. It seems the older I get the more I worry about what people think of me, when I was 18 I didn’t care, I did what I wanted regardless of what people thought that’s what the 2nd verse is about, remembering that kid with the same goals and dreams and the same attitude like nothing really matters. The line in the song ‘ this gift feels more like a cure’ they are the gift, the people who are around when times are tough. The chorus says we could just go back to the start. I love that, every one would love the possibility to start again. I believe that you can.”

The Dunwells released their latest album ‘Light Up The Sky’ earlier this year and you can catch the band live this winter.


* Fri 9th – Bristol, The Louisiana
* Sat 10th – Brighton, The Hope and Ruin
* Sun 11th – Whitstable, The Duke of Cumberland
* Tue 13th – Leicester The Cookie
* Wed 14th – Manchester Deaf Institute
* Thu 15th – Cambridge Portland Arms

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