While She Sleeps release video footage of 'Silence Speaks' live at St Pancras Old Church

While She Sleeps release video footage of ‘Silence Speaks’ live at St Pancras Old Church

While She Sleeps have unveiled a video to accompany their recently released alternative version of ‘Silence Speaks’, which was filmed and recorded live at St Pancras Old Church last year. The track is included on an expanded special edition of their Top 10 album ‘You Are We’, which is set for release 20th July.

“We, even as a “heavy” band, have always had a strong love for acoustic and stripped backed songs so it made sense to finally realise some of our songs in this way,” says guitarist Sean Long. “The St Pancras show was so much out of our comfort zone that it made the night electric.”

Set for release via the band’s own Sleeps Brothers label, the new edition of the record will also feature demos of album tracks, as well as the lost ideas from its writing and recording in their self-converted Sheffield warehouse space.

1. You Are We
2. Steal The Sun
3. Feel
4. Empire Of Silence
5. Wide Awake
6. Silence Speaks
7. Settle Down Society
8. Hurricane
9. Revolt
10. Civil Isolation
11. In Another Now
12. Feel (Alternative Version)
13. Silence Speaks (Alternative Version)
14. Hurricane (Alternative Version)
15. Civil Isolation (Demo)
16. Feel (Demo)
17. Fear In Change (Instrumental Demo)
18. I Am While She Sleeps
19. Lost Ideas

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