The LEGO Movie 2: Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy! Review

Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy!

Pieces: 348

Ages: 8+

Mini Figures: 2

Price: £24.99

What’s inside

3 numbered bags of Lego bricks

1 x Instruction booklet

1 x Sticker sheet


Our second LEGO MOVIE 2 review for the LEGO releases. The film is out in Feb and we have a few sets to review for any of you LEGO hounds out there. This one detailing both Emmet and Lucy who also starred in the original feature.
Sorry!  No LEGO Batman this time!


A slightly more complicated build this one: Bag 1 deals with Lucy, a rather strange looking green and blue eyeballed blog and the beginnings of the Ultrakatty figure.  It’s with this beast that the more complicated part of the build is and is likely to be where younger kids may get confused, but the right age will find their imaginations. Bag 2 is where a lot of the complicated business is, but the exterior detail of the figure starts to come to life. The use of brown, red and yellow bricks start to distinguish the limbs of the feline creature.  Bag 3 is where you add the tail, head and the remaining spiked pieces which make up, we’re guessing, the fur.

Finished product

The only attention any adult needs on this set is to make sure it is kept away from kids who eat LEGO.  Lots of sharper (even if the ends are rounded) pieces here you don’t want need a small child.

Otherwise this is purely one for the kids to enjoy.  They get the lead male and female characters to play with and a giant happy/angry (players choice of brick here) battle cat to play with. Play too hard and of course pieces could end up everywhere. But that’s what LEGO is for, to come together and to also come apart.

The brick count value is up on this one, so well worth the price tag for sure!

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