NINJAGO City Docks Review

NINJAGO City Docks

Pieces: 3553

Ages: 12+

Mini Figures: 14

Price: £199.99

What’s inside

2 x Base plates

Multiple numbered bags of Lego bricks

1 x Instruction booklet

Sticker sheets


Ninjago made it to the big screen – So naturally we get BIG sets to play with. Hot on the heels of the Ninjago City comes the City Docks.


The base is actually larger than the Ninjago City, even if it doesn’t quite reach as high. There is a lot of base work to be covered that readies the foundations as well as the water-ways. Once this is out the way you start to work on the buildings themselves.

It’s really three sections that go up, some taller than others, but all very decorative in very different ways so as to cater to the different domiciles and shops on display.

To have a look at our visual work in progress guide then go here:

Finished product

It’s a costly business by what a result!  This is as much fun to build as the Ninjago City, just on a slightly smaller scale, but the principles apply to the building and the finished look of it. And naturally of course it does actually connect up with the city set should you wish to, creating a majestic and very long giant set that totally works.

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