LEGO Ford Mustang Review

Ages: 16+

Mini Figures: 0

Price: £119.99

What’s inside

Multiple numbered bags of Lego bricks

1 x Instruction booklet

Sticker sheet


LEGO have had a variety of vehicle based creator sets in recent years and all of them to varying success.  Looking back at the like of the VW van or the Mini you can see where they very much got it right.  Looking at the likes of the Beetle (Which looked more like a Citron!) or even the DB5 you can see how they didn’t quite crack the LEGO code on the design.  Even the Ferrari and the Bugati have some serious issues

Thankfully then the Ford Mustang belongs in the higher end of quality.


Like all the car designs, you start with the chassis.  The wheels may not go on until the end, but the basic base is laid down so you can guild engine and interior with the shell slowly forming around it as you go.

But it isn’t all layer upon layer, you do get to define objects at a time as well like the car seats, and even the doors.

It all comes together quicker than you may expect, so it’s worth doing each of the 6 main stages one at a time and then giving your fingers a rest so you can savour the build.  Once the hood and the roof is on you are just about good to go.  And then you can move onto the bigger engine, spoiler and other added bits if you want to have the supped up version.


Finished product

Just beautiful.  Say what you will about the choice of colour – others may not want the blue, and perhaps optional paint jobs might have seen interesting curves on a sales graph, but the Ford Mustang is just beautiful to have on display and is easily one of the best design Creator Vehicles LEGO have release – and gives hope to the future for further designs to come.

There may not be a spare tyre in the boot or even a picnic basket like the mini, but you do get the added engine, spoiler, NOS canister and exhausts to go along with this design, depending on which you want on display – and of course a variety of license plates.

They may not get them all right, but when they do – and the price is right then it’s worth it. Tick that box next to this one!

The Visual Guide for this set can be viewed here:

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