Independent singer/songwriter and verified TikTok creator Holly Auna releases a new single “Another Silent Night.” Listen HERE.

Holly Auna released this unique holiday song for everyone who is missing a loved one this holiday season.  With lyrics like “The house is quiet without you laughing, there’s a few less presents that need wrapping,” Holly Auna captures the feeling of spending a holiday season without someone you love. 

“While the holidays are a joyful time for many, it can be a difficult time for those who have lost loved ones or can’t be with their friends or family due to other circumstances.  My co-writer, Mike Astrachan, came to our Zoom co-write in October with the idea for ‘Another Silent Night.’ His dad passed away in January of this year and this will be the first holiday season he’s spending without him.  We wanted to write a song for everyone who is spending their holidays without someone they love,” says Auna.

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