Single review – Sasha & The Shades – Falling

Sasha & The Shades have picked up a lot of attention in the blogosphere in recent years for their mix of swampy blues, roadhouse blues rock and psychedelic tinges. A particularly heady combination in the live arena, it has to be said.

‘Falling’, the South Londoners’ new single and the first peek at what they have planned on their forthcoming ‘Grin & Bare It’ EP, is quite a different beast, however. It’s true, the raw rootsiness that powered their previous material is still very much in evidence. This track leans more to the folky end of the musical scale, with the slightest percussive touches and gentle strings swaddling the twin vocals of Sasha and Eli Rose J Sanford.

It sounds, from that description, that it should be a laid back, chilled affair, but with the voices right at the fore and the subject matter in hand being a dropping into despair, it’s actually a burningly intense affair. All in all, an intriguing new angle on this exciting band’s sound. Bring on the EP and even – let’s dare dream – a chance to see them in live action sometime in 2021.

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