HAVELOCKE announce new EP ‘Arsonist’

Havelocke have announced their new EP ‘Arsonist’ will be released 13th April via Silent Cult Records. They’ve also revealed a new single – the almost-title-track ‘The Arsonist’ – with accompanying music video (courtesy of Aaran Mackenzie Films).

‘The Arsonist’ is the second track to be released from the upcoming EP, following the unveiling of ‘Vampire Eyes’ last month. Vocalist Owen Cousins says of ‘The Arsonist’: “Not long before writing this song we had a bit of a fall out with a friend and it’s kind of hard to get into detail but we gave him chances to redeem himself, probably more than we should have, and he just kept messing up in the same way. The Arsonist is about that – you only get so many chances before you get hit with the consequences.” 

The ‘Arsonist’ EP is five tracks painted with emo, post hardcore, and all things horror, ready to twang at emotional heartstrings whilst providing those all too necessary hooks to scream in your bedroom.

Havelocke are the Sheffield-based misfit cousins to the alternative scene, where black eyeliner meets big harmonies and post-apocalyptic themes, and they’re setting out in 2021 to prove that emo and post-hardcore didn’t die. It just grew up and put on its finest black clothes, ready to question the society we live in. 

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