KNIGHT shares ‘Chemtrail’

One of London’s most hotly tipped bedroom pop producers KNIGHT, has returned with new single ‘Chemtrail’. 

Hailing from East London, KNIGHT is the project of Steve Knight, who has made a name in the capital producing and writing for a wealth of rising pop sensations, including the likes of Julianna Townsend, Effie, Georgia Meek and more.

Now, in 2021, KNIGHT is branching out on his own with a forthcoming solo project that effortlessly encapsulates the signature sound he has developed with other artists, but instead pushes his own musical talents to the fore. Crafting immersive, resonant alt-pop rooted in r&b and electronica, this year is his for the taking.

January saw KNIGHT emerge with ‘Enough’, a sultry, affecting electronic ballad that offered an insight into whats to come. Now, he has returned with ‘Chemtrail’, a fiercely relatable statement of intent from the producer. The track sees his delicate falsetto seamlessly meander over slowly forthcoming electronic layers and a chorus melody that will linger with the listener for days, while a mechanical backbeat perfectly encapsulates the song’s message – a realisation of the constant after party lifestyle catching up with you.

KNIGHT admits he has seen some friends go down this route, a reliance on a regular routine of house parties until the sun comes up, and maybe texting certain numbers a bit too often. With the last year forcing people to understand and confront their past realities, KNIGHT’s music holds a mirror to those times, offering an insight into the experiences that have cemented his musical vision.

‘Chemtrail’ is the first release from a new project, more information will be revealed in due course.

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