DEBBY FRIDAY shares new 42-minute audio play “LINK SICK”

Following the release of recent single “RUNNIN“, audiovisual artist, vocalist and experimental producer DEBBY FRIDAY is sharing a new audio-play entitled LINK SICK“. The work is the culmination of her graduate thesis project and will be minted as an NFT via crypto marketplace OpenSea on April 8th (available here). Following this, on April 8th at 6:30PM PST, FRIDAY will also be doing a Clubhouse chat about the project with crypto art historian and investor, Blake Finucane.

“LINK SICK” is an audio-play written, directed and scored by the artist herself. Starring the voices of fellow artists Chino Amobi, Sam Rolfes, and Alex Zhang Hungtai, the project is a science-fiction exploration of the connective tissue of human experience as well as an experiment in sound art; blurring the lines between theatre, radio, music, fiction, essay, and internet art. Over 42-minutes, listeners are invited to gather round, close their eyes, and open their ears; submerging straight into a strange future peppered with blink-streams, automated protests, disembodied DJs, dancefloor orgies, and only the trendiest S/S 221 G-E two-piece club skins.

Set against the backdrop of an ambiguous dystopia and eternal rave, “LINK SICK” is a tale about the threads that bind us together.

“LINK SICK” took over a year to create and was recorded entirely over Zoom. FRIDAY comments, “I had had the idea to write a story about a rave for quite a while now as a way to embalm all my experiences as a teenage rager/club kid but it didn’t come about until the start of the pandemic. My original plan for my thesis project was an interactive performance but that was out of the question because of lockdown and so instead I made a sound play.'” 

It is perhaps the first graduate thesis project to be minted as an NFT and will be on auction starting April 8th. The collection includes the audio, the written script and both the cover and credit images and is available here:

On making “LINK SICK” available in this way, FRIDAY said, “My interest in NFTs and crypto bloomed earlier this year when I started getting into financial and business astrology and becoming more serious about personal finance and alternative business models. I have never believed in the starving artist myth and I feel that it’s important for creatives to be able to make a real living. I’m not of the mindset that crypto will solve the world’s problems but the old model is obviously broken. I am interested in imagining differently and trying new things. Something about crypto resonates with me and it fits with the project. It’s very sci-fi future vision.”

FRIDAY will be joined by Blake Finucane, who published one of the first academic theses on crypto art, in a Clubhouse chat about her project as well as larger questions surrounding art, crypto and self-actualization  on April 8th at 6:30PM PST. Tune in here:

Born in Nigeria, raised in Montreal and now based in Vancouver, FRIDAY released her debut self-produced, rap adjacent EP, BITCHPUNK in 2018. In 2019, Deathbomb Arc ushered in her second, critically acclaimed EP, DEATH DRIVE, which throbbed with eroticised electropunk fervour and cleared a path for self-actualisation. FRIDAY also created and directed her “FATAL” video, which was subsequently nominated for the 2020 Prism Prize Award, as well as her recent “RUNNIN” video. “LINK SICK” is the latest work from this diverse and ever-evolving artist.

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