TERMINALIST Unveil Video For Terminal Dispatch

Last month, Danish hyperthrashers Terminalist announced their debut album ‘The Great Acceleration’ and released the first single ‘Relentless Alteration’, a distinct slap of progressive thrash metal with a profound sci-fi concept delivering massively on both visceral and intellectual levels. Today, the band releases the second single ‘Terminal Dispatch’ alongside a video created by director Johan von Bulöw. Terminalist’s lead singer, guitarist and lyrical mastermind Emil Hansen has the following to say about the song:

“Telling a story of aerial and technological advancement throughout the 20th century, ‘Terminal Dispatch’ chronicles a planet ravaged by these innovations in the 21st century. To escape the escalating crises, the advanced technology of modern warfare must now be used to launch mankind into outer space, leaving the dying planet behind to find refuge in the skies.”

Terminalist recently announced a release show, which will take place at Stengade in their native Copenhagen, Denmark on May 8th, with support from Throwe. Denmark is in the process of gradually lifting its long enduring lockdown, which includes letting music venues hold pandemic regulated shows once again. The clear hope is that the show will indeed go on, and the limited amount of tickets for the release show are already sold out. Several more shows for late summer and fall are being planned subject to world events.

Relentless Alteration – Terminalist’s first single from The Great Acceleration!
The world is ruled by speed. Speed which drives history forward in a state of ever-increasing acceleration. Such is the central claim of dromology; a theory of speed originated by French philosopher Paul Virilio (1932-2018). It is on this premise that the new Danish-American Sci-fi thrashers Terminalist base their conceptual universe. On their debut album ‘The Great Acceleration’, they bring the dromocratic philosophy together with their own science fiction narratives as they describe a world in crisis and a planet in collapse being abandoned in favor of colonization of space.

Terminalist formed in 2018 and debuted a year later with the EP ‘Abandon All Liberties’, followed in 2020 by the single Voyagers. The four-man band harken back to the traditional and technical thrash metal of the late 1980’s, bringing it up to date by fusing it with black metal blast beats, death metal growls, and grandiose prog rock concepts. The result is modern in its concoction, yet retro in its appeal; a style the band itself has dubbed hyperthrash.

Terminalist use the lens of dromology to describe the duality of technology and investigate Virilio’s thesis that the invention of the ship was also the invention of the shipwreck; continuing the thrash metal tradition of political criticism and pessimism about the future. Yet, Terminalist fit in among a new generation of metal bands using the genre’s monstrous sounds to illustrate the downfall of modern society in favor of something new and unknown. This is conveyed in a sound which is fast and aggressive, melodic and dynamic; catchy yet technical.

‘The Great Acceleration’ was recorded and produced by Lasse Ballade (Konvent, Alkymist, Deiquisitor, Slægt, Orm) at Ballade Studios in Copenhagen during the summer of 2020, mastered by V. Santura (Triptykon, Dark Fortress) at Woodshed Studio in Germany, and the artwork is created by Ryan T. Hancock. The album will be released on May 7, 2021 on vinyl, tape and digital formats via Indisciplinarian, and physical pre-orders – including the vinyl versions limited to 300 black and 100 red copies – are now available HERE.

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