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Government Victimises Night Time Economy Businesses

Following the confirmation that pubs and restaurants will not be required to use Covid Passports as a prerequisite of entry the following statement from the NTIA asks the Government why are late night economy businesses being excluded at every opportunity.

Michael Kill, CEO NTIA, says:
“With the news that core hospitality venues, including pubs and restaurants, will not be subject to the use of Covid Passports for entry, Why are other late night economy businesses excluded from this exemption?”

“There is a stark disparity between the way that night time economy and other industries are being treated by the Government, If retail, supermarkets, public transport, hotels, pubs and restaurants are excluded from the use of Covid Passports, with many of these businesses displaying similar contact and proximity environments, why would nightclubs and other environments be expected to ask customers to present Covid Passports as a prerequisite or requirement of entry?” 

“Initial feedback from consumers is that many are not comfortable using health information to gain access to night time economy businesses in the UK, and the use of health passports will discourage customers from attending these environments in the future.” 

“Businesses are likewise frustrated at the way in which the Government is communicating these potential restrictions – with many feeling a considerable number of questions left unanswered. These businesses have suffered extreme financial hardship for over 12 months and are desperate to open, but they have been left feeling uncertain once again.”

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