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Celebrate Motörhead Day – the loudest day of the year

“Whenever Motörhead performs, they leave the audience deafened, drained and damp. Are you ready for that?”  This is what UK music paper, Melody Maker said about their ferocious live album No Sleep ‘Til Hammersmith when it was reviewed in the summer of 1981. As the most necessary live album of all time turns 40, it feels fitting that this 8th Of May is dedicated to celebrating the formidable beast that was Motörhead live.

As the soundtrack to the day we have curated a very special playlist of all the ear drum perforating live hits you’d expect from a Motörhead show and we’re inviting every Motörfan from around the globe to turn it up with us this Saturday, 8th of May for this special day where everything is louder than everything else!

Here’s what’ll be happening on the day.

  • A very special release from the Motör-vaults.
  • A unique quiz to test your Motör-knowledge.
  • Share your gig stories and memories with us and other Motörfans.
  • Be Motörhead Forever this 8th Of May with a limited edition merchandise capsule http://gtly.ink/4TxQu50Ad

 We hope you can join us as part of this celebration of all things Motörhead. Pour yourself a large whiskey and cola and don’t forget to use the hashtag #8thofmay to show us what you’re doing on the loudest day of the year, Motörhead day!

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