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Lucy Grubb – Waste My Time EP

Waste My Time is the third EP from Norfolk singer songwriter Lucy Grubb; her first release for over two years. With a rich and emotive voice, Grubb’s bright Americana has a radio friendly pop edge, with this collection of four songs heading more towards folk than the country sound of her previous work.

When It Rains is perhaps the pick of the EP, a ballad dripping with hurt and regret. The vocals exude pain from a lost love, with a world weary quality that doesn’t often come from a 23 year old. It’s a lovely track, with haunting harmony vocals and several subtle instrumental touches that add to its impact.

Waste My Time opens the EP with a jaunty feel that is slightly at odds with lyrics relating a relationship’s demise. Other Side tells of separation and longing, its light guitar tone backing a fine vocal performance. The chorus, sung over a banjo, is beautifully delivered. Both these tracks have a classic Americana sound without falling into the trap of trying to sound too American. Lucy Grubb has her own musical approach, her own take on the genre.

Lead single You Don’t Do Anything is a tribute to country music with a tongue in cheek quality to its songwriting. An upbeat number with a distinct Nashville vibe, this one is a lot of fun. It feels a little different to the other tracks on this EP, which all have much folkier vocals.

The theme of this EP is resilience, of finding a way to get through hard times. As the recording took place under the restrictions of lockdown it’s not hard to see where the inspiration came from. But a wider sense of inner strength shines from these carefully crafted songs. Lucy Grubb has a lovely voice, so warm and tender, and also possesses a deft songwriting touch. It’s a potentially winning combination.

Release date: 4 June 2021

Label: Self release

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