Ho99o9 blast off new crew mixtape

LA-based duo Ho99o9 have released their first fully collaborative project – a new mixtape titled ‘Ho99o9 Presents Territory : Turf Talk Vol. 1’. The collection shines a light on the vast creative diversity of Ho99o9’s musical universe. An ensemble cast of mutants, friends and family have gotten involved to devastating effect. Watch the first in a series of music videos for the project for ‘MIND YO BIZNESS’ with Pussy Riot now here

“There’s something powerful in moving as an army, as a unit, as a force,” asserts Ho99o9’s theOGM (who produced the mixtape under his LilBooth moniker). “It’s paying homage to all the Collectives / Crews like Wu Tang, Dip Set, G Unit, Ruff Ryders, Rawkus, Roc a Fella / State Property, FlipMode Squad, O.F., A.S.A.P.” 

Founding members of ‘Territory’ include theOGM (Ho99o9), Yeti Bones (Ho99o9), Hoddy, the Young Jedi, Gnar, N8NOFACE, Elete, Jahsh Banks, Mother Lurk, HollyWood Dick, BRAINORCHESTRA, THE General, Krash Battle, Nah Ellis & LilBooth. ‘Turf Talk Vol. 1’ also includes special features from Pink Siifu , Pussy Riot, Dani Miller (of Surfbort), Plack Blague, MoRuf, Jesse Boykins III, Chase, ’89 the Brainchild, Peso Gordon & Reaper Mook.

‘Territory’ gives us a full-flex taste of LilBooth’s ongoing ascension as a one man production scion, with a heavy lean into a new posture, leading the sonic charge a la RZA. The mixtape’s style & production pulls from different elements of contemporary hip hop & dives face-first into Ho99o9’s deep familial ties to the bleeding edge of the underground. 

1. Woke Up Dreaming  (Nah Elllis, N8NOFACE & Elete) 
2. Tummy Tuck  (Hoddy, the Young Jedi & Mother Lurk) 
3. Ima Die Wit It (N8NOFACE, Yeti Bones & Pink Siifu) 
4. Bad Posture (Hoddy, the Young Jedi, LilBooth & Gnar) 
5. Ass In the Air (Plack Blague) 
6. Chasin Burgundy (Dani Miller & LilBooth)
7. Mind Yo Bizness (Ho99o9 & Pussy Riot)
8. Decisions Gotta Be Made (LilBooth, Chase & Elete)
9. Eye Razor (LilBooth, Hoddy, the Young Jedi & Krash Battle)
10. Christina (Brainorchestra & Elete)
11. DATMYBU (Jahsh Banks & MoRuf)
12. Ask Again (Jesse Boykins III & LilBooth) 
13. I LIke Drank (’89 the Brainchild) 
14. Problemos (Peso Gordon & Hoddy, the Young Jedi) 
15. Dis Shit Cold (Hoddy, the Young Jedi, Reaper Mook & The General) 
16. All The Time (Yeti Bones) 
17. Y’all Don’t Sell Dope (Hollywood Dick) 
18. Tall Shadows (Hoddy, the Young Jedi) 

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