Single review – The Fabulous Red Diesel: Nellie Gale

An era of letting rip after a devastating pandemic? Perhaps the 1920s and 2020s have more in common than you might think.   Whatever, there definitely seems to be some sort of 1920s revival going on at the moment, what with the flappers on display in the video for The Fabulous Red Diesel’s ‘Nellie Gale’.  Both the black and white film and the sartorial approach alike reminded us of one of last year’s  musical highlights, ‘Super Sniffer Dogs’ by She’s Got Spies.

‘Nellie Gale’  pays tribute to the great grandmother of the band’s singer Ms Kitty who apparently was a performer at the Windmill Theatre, the revue theatre in London which took inspiration from the Moulin Rouge and brought censor-baiting nude art to the masses!  The song itself is every bit as cheeky as the subject it portrays, bursting with muted brass and rollicking percussion, as Ms Kitty details the scandalised delight with which her ancestor’s tableau art was greeted.

Having already been picked up Jazz FM with their previous single ‘Butterfly Mind’, ‘Nellie Gale’ is funny, brash and catchy, no doubt sure to grab them just as much attention as the scantily clad  Nellie Dean herself.

Find out more about The Fabulous Red Diesel here

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