The Scaramanga Six tease new album with eerie ‘Horse With No Face’ video

The Scaramanga Six have announced the arrival of their tenth album ‘Worthless Music’ – set for release in December – with a new single and a spectacular video to match.

Horse With No Face‘ sees the prog punk hybridists on their most direct mode, with a thumping (galloping, possibly) beat, heaps of jagged guitars and an unhinged tale of nightmarish visions raring up in the wee small hours.

The phobo-billy four-piece have scratched and writhed at the UK’s underground band circuit since 1995, with a staunchly DIY approach and a style all of their own.

The maniacal music video for ‘Horse With No Face’ was created by Greig Johnson from The Mash Report and Lunge Dolphin fame) in collaboration with in-house member Paul Morricone, with visual influences straddling everything from David Lynch’s Eraserhead to 4AD’s Vaughan Oliver,

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