BARRIE shares new single “Frankie”

Today Barrie, the musical output of recording artist Barrie Lindsay, announces 7″ single “Dig” / “Frankie” for December 3rd release on Winspear, and has shared the second track and stunning accompanying video.

Last month Barrie shared the technicolour dreamscape “Dig,” along with a handful of international live dates for early next year that will see Barrie previewing material from her forthcoming second album. Today she has shared the second track from the 7″ release, entitled Frankie.

Whereas Dig floats in a seeming free-time, Barrie’s latest single, Frankie,” is locked into a driving, propulsive rhythm. Its bass synth, which remains constant throughout the song, is meditative and hypnotic. Among skittering arpeggios and melodic hooks, the song’s message asks listeners to consider capitalism. Political pop can be awkward, but Lindsay’s is subtle and poignant, reflecting on Glen Campbell’s classic “Wichita Lineman,” and Americans’ attitudes towards labor. The catchy composition balances out the lyrical themes with a compelling soundscape that accentuates Lindsay’s dynamic songwriting and production abilities.

The track is accompanied by a captivating, tender video, directed by Adinah Dancyger. The clip sees Barrie dancing with her wife, Gabby Smith in an emotional and fluid piece choreographed by Matilda Sakamoto.

Commenting on the video Barrie said: “I knew from the start that I wanted the Frankie video to be a dance video. I imagined an intensive, rhythmic, aerobic video; halfway between a Tae Bo workout video and pop choreography. I have no dance experience whatsoever, and wanted to work really hard and put that effort-fulness front and center in the video. Gabby has similar experience with dancing, so it was very cool and organic to learn together. I’m very grateful she agreed to be part of the video. The producer, Abbie Jones; director, Adinah Dancyger; and choreographer, Matilda Sakamoto, were an incredible team to work with.”

Director Adinah Dancyger adds: “”Frankie” was an opportunity to explore the emotional landscape we carry as people: the trials and errors, frustration, awkwardness, confidence, confusion, connection, joy, and so on and so forth. At the core, I wanted to give Barrie and Gabby the freedom to express themselves. Working with choreographer Matilda Sakomoto, we found a balance of what felt natural and where exploring new terrains brought about catharsis and spontaneity. It’s a celebration of moving through the motions, through motion.”

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