TYCHO & BENJAMIN GIBBARD: LP Giobbi remixes single “Only Love”

Tycho and Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie & The Postal Service recently shared a landmark new collaboration with single “Only Love“. Now, the circle of collaboration is extended further as Austin-based producer, DJ, pianist and activist LP Giobbi adds her piano loops and high-energy beats to the mix.

LP Giobbi has become one of electronic music’s fastest-rising stars. Considering herself “a one-woman jam band. Speaking on the remix, she comments: “Tycho is such an inspiring mix of real instruments and electronic music so it was a true honor to get to work on one of his tracks. I took it as an opportunity to create a musical, emotional journey that hopefully takes the listener through soundscapes of uplifting joy which is what I feel after listening to a Tycho track.”

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