Premiere – Parasocials show their dark side with ‘Deadzone’

Track from London four piece inspired by Cronenberg

Parasocials share the video for their latest track ‘Deadzone’, due for release on February 25 via Tomer Krail Records.

The track, recorded by Ed West (Zara McFarlane) at ICMP Studios, is the third from the new wave-flavoured four piece, and definitely their darkest, with a sense of edgy momentum and atmospheric fervour, as they search for a ‘way out’. 

Tom said: ‘”It’s about two people giving up on society and choosing ragged individualism’.”

The track was inspired by the 1983 David Cronenberg film ‘The Dead Zone’ depicting a post- apocalyptic world. The characters trapped in-between worlds of the ‘Deadzone,’ the track is delivered with a deadpan drawl, ‘Everyway is a way out,’ as they look to distant skies.

Tomer Krail (vocals, guitar), George Calne Jones (vocals, guitar), Felix Slander (vocals, bass) and Rob James (drums) take influence from everything from Car Seat Headrest, Moor Mother and Richard Dawson to Thelonious Monk, Leonard Cohen and Talking Heads.

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