NTIA Summit Partners With Global Cities After Dark and Vibe Lab

NTIA is pleased to announce a partnership with Global Cities After Dark and VibeLab who will be bringing an international focus to the summit, discussing key issues with night time economy experts from around the world as part of a hybrid stage on Day 2 of the summit.

For the sector to become more resilient, the scope of expertise must be widened and international approaches and perspectives should be considered on shared challenges. The partnership will focus on international perspectives and strategic approaches to recovery in our cities, communities and industry at night, with representatives from regional governments, industry, key community stakeholders and politics.In the last year the safety of people at night has been brought into questions across many platforms. It is a challenge that is shared across the globe, with no one consistent approach as a remedy. Questions are being raised on how we create safer night time economies globally, how do we advocate for safety and well being in nightlife! Let’s hear from some of the international counterparts on Government, industry and key stakeholder approaches.

As the sector moves into the recovery stages of the pandemic, the real impact of this crisis to well being, workforce and businesses through cities and high streets can be seen. Driving regeneration and recovery in the middle of onerous rising costs to businesses is a challenge, but the industry is renowned for its resilience and ability to bounce back and internationally we are seeing ingenuity around generating creative spaces and the importance of ownership and funding for future stability.

The sector is faced with a ground zero moment, where there is time to reflect and build foundations for the future. The sector is at the sharpest end of this pandemic, but have suffered due to a lack of understanding of the sector by key stakeholders, limited representation and a true voice. Internationally, the sector shares this shortcoming and to overcome this there needs to be increased representation, stronger voice and a platform for representation, where key industry figures are at the table with decision makers across the world.

Partnerships similar to the one established between these organisations are the key to collective international relations, where the cross fertilisation of ideas, standards and best practise will create a unified Global Night Time Economy movement.

Michael Kill (CEO NTIA) said:

“We have a ground zero moment in front of us, our collective voices across the international sphere of nightlife will present a new era of opportunities, where we can bring together leading minds from the night time economy on an international scale, and we are extremely excited to be working with Global Cities After Dark and VibeLab on the summit.”

Lutz Leichsenring (VibeLab) said:

“The global pandemic and now military conflicts show us how vulnerable our ecosystem is. We need to rethink and recharge nightlife! The Nighttime Economy Summit is a good start to exchanging strategies and working collaboratively on local, national, and international level.”

Mirik Milan (VibeLab / Former Night Mayor of Amsterdam) said:

“The number of nighttime advocates and night czars globally has grown exponentially in the last two years. The time is right to put our heads together and start to build back our beautiful industry that means so much to so many people.”

Jane Slingo (Global Cities After Dark) said:

“Global Cities After Dark was founded on the need for international exchange to assist in navigating the challenges within the Night Time Economy.  Today we are experiencing the impact of war, a pandemic and repeated natural disasters in real time. It is called ‘nightlife’ for a reason. Life at night is a public good and essential for the well-being of people in all corners of the world. VibeLab and Global Cities After Dark are thrilled to present an international program at the NTIA’s first Night Time Economy Summit. More than ever, international collaboration and exchange is critical to navigate the challenges global nightlife communities are facing, in 2022 and beyond.”

The two day event will include over 100 speakers with panels and workshops featuring innovators and entrepreneurs from across the sector.

Speakers include; Sacha Lord (Night Time Economy Advisor Greater Manchester), Jenni Cochrane (Getahead) Simon Dunmore (CEO Defected),  David Lucas (IOL), Ojay Mcdonald (ATCM) Sylvia Oates (Best Bar None) Yousef (Circus Records), Philip Kolvin QC, Clara Cullen (Music Venue Trust) Mike Grieve (Sub Club), Carly Heath (Night Time Economy Advisor Bristol) Michael Kill CEO (NTIA) Amy Lame (Night Czar London) Steve Braines (He.She.They) Brandon Block (DJ) Rob Masterson (Mustard Media) Maria May (CAA) Katy Ellis (Anglo Management) Peter Marks CEO (Rekom) Clare O’Neill (Greener Festivals) Steve Alton (BII) Ariel Palitz (NYC Nightlife Advisor) Michael Rodriguez (24hr Commissioner NSW) Lutz Leichsenring (Vibe Lab) Julie Tippins (DHP Family).Ben Akers (WeTakeClub) Silvana Kill (Savenightlife) Ciara (Free the Night) Brandon Block (DJ) Jamie Scahill (Skiddle) Tom Paine (Love Saves the Day) Ben Newby (MJR TEG) Tony Holyland (SIA) Eric Stuart (UKCMA) Deborah Hewitt (ASTS) Peter Harrison (UKDSA) Yuri Prokter (DJ Monitor), Lisa Loud (DJ) Mark Harrop (DHSC) Ian Haworth (Hippodrome Casino) Sam Spencer (Broadwick Live), Josh Robinson (Hospitality) Nikki McNeill (Global Publicity) Steve Alton (BII) Lucia Blayke (Harpies) Samantha Togni (Flesh Fest) Liam John (Bitch Please) Allison Golden Wright (BUSU), Professor Fiona Measham (The Loop) Steve Rolles (Transform) Chloe Sakal (The Loop) Clara Cullen (MVT), John Dovey (BR / Bath R&D) Gary Topp (Arnolfini) Marti Burgess (Lakota).

More speakers and panel topics will be announced soon. This journey starts on the 7th & 8th April 2022 at Bristol Beacon in conjunction with Bristol City Council & Bristol Nights

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