Deanna Petcoff shares confessional indie-ballad ‘If You Were Me’ 

Canada’s Deanna Petcoff shares confessional indie-rock heartbreaking new single ‘If You Were Me’, accompanied by a stunning video directed by Parliament Pictures. It follows emotive tracks ‘Devastatingly Mediocre’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Get Over You’ – both taken from her debut album To Hell With You, I Love You out 8th April 2022 via Royal Mountain Records.

Recorded in Toronto over the course of a year, Deanna was able to look more closely at the nuances and minutiae of relationships and examine the ways in which they can either grow or falter. She writes about her frustrating experiences as a 24-year old woman finding her voice and identity while navigating an ever changing world, exploring the ins and outs of love and heartbreak with a grace and quick wit that belies her year. Her rich, textured voice juxtaposes her soft imagery and her vulnerable and starkly honest lyrics welcome us into a world where even a fleeting moment of emotion can become its own monument.

On To Hell With You, I Love You, a sense of intense longing reveals a worldview that is full of pain at the loss of love, and full of hope for something more beautiful. It is not simply a breakup record. It’s an album to heal to, to cry to, to laugh to and to learn how to love again. It’s a declaration of strength, and a love letter to the joys and agonies of navigating your early twenties.

To Hell With You, I Love You is out 8th April 2022
via Royal Mountain Records
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To Hell With You, I Love You
Out 8th April 2022 via Royal Mountain Records


1. Failing Upwards
2. Trash Bag
3. That’s What I Get
4. I Don’t Wanna Wake Up
5. As Much As I Can
6. Devastatingly Mediocre
7. I Don’t Wanna Get Over You
8. I Didn’t Lie
9. If You Were Me
10. Sing With Me

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