LAKE MALICE push the boundaries of alternative metal with thunderous, soundclashing new single ‘Magic Square’

Fresh off a tour supporting Hacktivist, and having played with some of the UK’s best new heavy talent, including Death Blooms and InVisions, Lake Malice are primed to make their own indelible mark on the scene with thunderous, soundclashing new single ‘Magic Square’. The gut-punching track is out today with an accompanying horror movie of a music video starring vocalist Alice Guala in a bloody lead role. Guitarist Blake Cornwall (the other half of Lake Malice) brings the crucially original, invigorating riffs.  

‘Magic Square’ was recorded with Bruce Rintoul (Twin Atlantic, Vukovi) earlier this year and explores the band’s ongoing fascination with the idea of mixing nu-metal, hip hop, electronic & dream-pop elements, inspired by artists such as System Of A Down, Grimes, and Enter Shikari. Lake Malice are ready to drag Alternative Metal, moshing and screaming, to the next step of its evolution.

Alice says of the new track: “The lyrics are a dark, yet ironic, take on the rise of true crime documentaries that unfurled during the pandemic, and the intricate duality of human nature in feeling entertained and horrified at the same time.”

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